Project place: Berlin, Germany

Project dates: 3rd – 10th of May 2019

Application deadline: 7th of April 2019



The project “Quo Vadis Europea?” aims to strengthen solidarity among young Europeans and encourage them to take the responsibility for shaping the future of Europe. It is consisted of 3 seminars for youth leaders during which we will discuss the topic of meaning of solidarity for the future of Europe and create scenarios for activities that can be implemented with groups of young people with different backgrounds.

Seminar 1: Forecast of the future (12-19 October 2018)

Seminar 2: Solidar Youth (8-15 February 2019)

Seminar 3: Toolbox for European Participation (3-10 May 2019)


• to forecast possible scenarios of development of European Union and discuss its meaning and consequences for life of
young people
• to show cause and effect relationships between different trends of behaviors of European society and possible future developments
• to discuss the role of youth work in promoting solidarity and share experience and good practices in effective work with young people
• to create set of scenarios for activities to be implemented with youth groups that will emphasis the need of active and solidary attitude in today’s Europe



During the third seminar we will focus on the role of young people in shaping the future of Europe. We will analyze which are the competences needed to take an active role in European society and which of those competences are not develop enough by formal educational system in our countries. We will develop workshop scenarios that will fill those gaps – by interactive simulations and role plays we will prepare young people to become aware citizens that will understand that being European is not only about having rights but also about common responsibility for its future.


Online publication with set of complex scenarios for workshops with young people. Webinar that will instruct youth workers how to effectively use created scenarios in their work with young people. Group of youth leaders trained in facilitation of workshops using created tools.



  • age above 18
  • youth workers who have previous experience in facilitation of non-formal education activates
  • are working directly with young people in their countries
  • interested in the topic
  • able to work and communicate in English
  • willing to share their experience with CID
  • previous experience in designing educational tools is more than welcomed



Project is financed under the „ERAMSUS+ Programme, Key Action 1.

100% of accommodation and activity costs are covered by the programme.

The international travel costs are covered up to 275 EUR according to the rules of ERASMUS+ Programme.



Participation fee: NONE

Sending fee: 500 MKD