From April 28 till May 5, 2019 three participants from Macedonia – Besa Ziba, Vishna Shorova-Angelova and Ivan Durgutov took part in a training course, organized from Institute for Policy research and Analysis, held in Daugirdiškės Lithuania.

The training course gathered 30 youth workers from across Europe. The name of the training was “Basic skills for Digital youth work” with a main aim to create space for youth workers to explore how digital youth work can be included in organizations’ daily youth work activities and international projects. Three professional trainers guided the learning process. The methodology was based on non-formal education with team building activities, energizers, brainstorming, group work, discussions and study visits.

Participants raised awareness how digitalization is shaping the society, including its impact on youth work and young people, explored how youth work can benefit from digital technologies. They did analyze good practices of how digital youth work is already implemented by visiting a vacancy school where they saw very modern school and a youth centre and a co-working place which included programmers, You Tubers, influencers, even online television – Laisvės TV with 100K subscribers.

This training course provided youth workers with open source tool and tools and methods of digital youth work. Participants had a chance to learn how to organize educational activities using digital tools.

In overall it was a great opportunity for each participant to work in such a diverse group, shared experiences and harvested new knowledge learned for the culture of others and explored Lithuania which is a great place and very digitalized.