Project dates: 4th – 7th July 2019

Project place: Pelince, near Kumanovo, North Macedonia

Number of Participants: 12

Working language: Macedonian and English

Deadline for applying: URGENT!!!



‘IVS for Climate Justice Don’t just say it! Do it! Volunteering to create a network of knowledge through ecological & sustainable practice’ is a two-year project aimed to bring together the non-formal IVS sector and the Technical University of Santa Fe, Argentina to provide two trainings in Sustainable Food Production and Bioconstruction techniques, it includes a formal follow up process (online and offline) to 33 IVS organisations from 28 countries in 5 regions of the world who work in and with local communities.

The project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union will provide an inclusive environment for young people by actively integrating them in local activities, which aim to revalorise traditional and alternative techniques; it will also raise awareness about the negative effects of unsustainable food production and housing and how these contribute to Climate Change.

IVS for Climate Justice will use monitoring and impact measurement tools to follow the process implemented by external experts from the University of Illinois. All the volunteers who take part in these workcamps will be included in a research aimed at measuring the impact of IVS on the life of participant.



The workcamp on Bio-construction “IVS for Climate justice Don’t Just say it. Do It.” is a 4-day workcamp, taking place in Pelince, near Kumanovo. The idea of the workcamp is to offer space for 12 young people to learn through non-formal education about different bio-construction techniques and to try them on spot while volunteering and helping the local community. Through work with natural materials the volunteers will gain some skills and learn the basics in planning and construction with bio-materials which can be found in the area of Kumanovo and Pelince.

The group of volunteers will be mixed, ensuring diversity based on sex, ethnicity, religion etc. 

The daily tasks will include planning activities together with the locals, help them with the construction-related tasks (try different bio-construction techniques, cut wood, clean, make benches, etc.), prepare meals for the group (divided into smaller teams) and fun activities (games and icebreakers meant at bonding the group, etc.)



  • 16+ years old
  • Highly motivated to volunteer
  • Willing to participate during the whole duration of the workcamp (4 full working days)
  • The call is open for participants’ coming from the area of Municipality of Kumanovo, Lipkovo and Staro Nagoricane



Travel, accommodation and food will be 100% covered by the organizers.