The workcamp on Bio-construction “IVS for Climate justice Don’t Just say it. Do It.” was a 4-day workcamp, taking place in Pelince, near Kumanovo.

The idea of the workcamp was to offer space for 12 young people to learn through non-formal education about different bio-construction techniques and to try them on spot while volunteering and helping the local community. Through work with natural materials the volunteers gained some skills and learnt the basics in planning and construction with bio-materials which could be found in the area of Kumanovo and Pelince.

The workcamp resulted with 12 reconstructed benches, 2 benches made with adobe technique and table made with wood, rope and adobe technique.

‘‘I am glad that I was part of the workcamp in Pelince and had a chance to learn something new and useful. Going back to things and methods that our ancestors knew is showing us how hard and smart they have worked to build some structures. We should all start using methods and techniques that are not polluting the environment because we have already destroyed too much from the nature. It is time to start thinking about our planet’s future.” – said Monika Spasovska.


“One of the things that the bio-construction camp taught us is how to build a strong structure by only using bio materials that won’t harm the nature. Also during the camp we became more aware about the climate change and how it affects the nature and the Earth. The speed rate with which the nature is changing because of it is quite concerning.” – said Nikola Spasovski from scout unit “Skaut”.

More photos from the workcamp can be viewed here.