Project dates: 15.09.2019 – 14.06.2020

Project place: Zagreb, Croatia

Deadline for applying: URGENT!




The project is designed to encourage voluntary experience for young people providing support for vulnerable groups: for elder, disabled, people who suffer from malignant diseases, socially vulnerable.

The aim of the activities is to improve skills and competencies of volunteers, through practical engagement and non-formal learning methods. Through activities we will encourage the volunteers to participate in community, to be active, to develop empathy for the socially vulnerable groups and to promote social inclusion and solidarity.

Through this project we will ensure a permanent transfer of knowledge, which will be confirmed by Youthpass and with experience of volunteers. This will improve the possibility for the volunteer’s employment in their countries and in Europe. The intention is to involve young people who live in difficult social conditions, geographically distant from major cities and / or who left school or have a low education level/ are still in educational process. Through the project we want to provide an opportunity for learning, innovation and discovering their own potential, which volunteers will use after the project’s ending. We will seek to influence and to acquire skills that will help volunteers in employment.

We will create a connection between the younger and elder generations, and thus enable intergenerational solidarity and raise the awareness of multiculturalism.

Project activities will be held in the City of Zagreb and its surrounding, where the volunteers will have continuous support in their engagement, organized by Center Circles. All activities have an informal character, which will be used in the practical and theoretical engagement.

All activities will be held in the Zagreb, capital city of Croatia, where will also be the accommodation for volunteers. It is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river, at the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain.

Zagreb is the headquarters of the economic, political and cultural life in Croatia. The city is broken into 17 urban districts.

Quality land, favorable transit location and total municipal infrastructure, qualified labor force, scientific, professional, educational, health, financial, banking and other institutions, tradition in performing various services, size and quality of economy present essential potentials in Zagreb.

University of Zagreb is the oldest in Croatia and one of the oldest in Europe. It was founded in 1669th.

City of Zagreb is responsible for 38 cultural institutions which include 10 city museums, the most important being the Zagreb City Museum, Museum of Arts and Crafts and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Within the city government operates 14 centers of culture and 7 city theaters.

 It is also a town with great opportunity for spending time in nature (Sljeme mountains, lake and outdoor sports around lake Bundek and Jarun, park Maksimir) and in vast opportunities for free time for volunteers.

Most activities will take place in urban district Utrina, which are 15 minutes from the centre of Zagreb by public transport. Field volunteering will be also near to the centre of Zagreb, in urban district Travno and Dugave.



Project activities:

Primary activities:
– work on charity stand in shopping centers
– work in Donation center
– work on stands in public areas
Voluntary work in gathering donations on the stand in shopping malls, Donation center and public areas in Zagreb. Volunteers will collect donations from citizens in order to help children, youth and families with malignant diseases and socially disadvantaged, and also promote Circles and inform citizens about your and Circles activities.
 2. Support for socially excluded groups: users with malignant diseases, socially excluded users, elder and disabled users.
– Home visits
– Accompaniment to doctor and hospital
– Easy housework (vacuuming, cleaning dust, washing dishes)
– Walking, talking, listening
– Bringing medicine and groceries
– Participating in creative workshops / group work with elder people
Every visit lasts for 1- 2 hours.
2. Secondary activities:
1. Work in office
– Editing web and Facebook pages, Youtube channel
– Writing articles for blog and editing Blog page
– Editing photos in Photoshop for Web shop
– preparing flyers, posters, promoting material
– Participating in organizing Manifestations
– Participating on team meetings, educations, supervisions of volunteers, workshops, evaluations, reflections
2. Work with children and youth.
Technical support on workshops, preparing and organizing workshop for children/youth – creative workshops, self improvement, tolerance, multicultural awareness, anti-bullying, mind-fullness.

The methods used through the support for volunteers are educations, supervisions, consultations, evaluations, mentoring, reflections, individual and group support, and oral / written feedback.

Additional support:
We will organize three levels of support for volunteers: supervisor support, mentoring support, volunteer support.

Supervisor Support: Regular monitoring of project activities, regular communication with volunteers, partners, collaborators, executives, contracting authorities, regular monthly meetings with volunteers, continuous monitoring and project documentation management, event organization

Mentoring Support: Each volunteer gets one mentor who provides personal and professional support – helps in the learning process, in activities and personal project design, adaptation to new culture, country, city, people, organization of quality leisure

Volunteer support: providing for learning, improving English / Croatian language skills, socializing with volunteers, assisting in project activities




– Motivation for the project activities and project users
– Ability to live with at least three flat mates
– Willing to share a room with one participant /same sex/
– Between 18-30 years old
– You haven’t participated in long-term EVS project before
– You have no Criminal Record
– You don’t have chronic diseases and/or serious psychical/ physical illness
– Plus is if you have experience in working with elder/disabled/socially vulnerable people
– Basic knowledge in English language




Send your CV and motivational letter to stating in the subject “Application for ESC Project Included individual creates satisfied society”.