Fitore Ziberi attended a training course “MANTRA – Meditation, Yoga and Self-Care” from 29 July – 7 August 2019 in Dilijan, Armenia, organized by Armenian Progressive Youth NGO from Armenia and Train to Future from Sweden. The main aim of the training course was through 8 days to support youth workers to identify ways to prevent and reduce stress as well as develop self-care practices and self-awareness through practicing yoga and meditation. Through incorporating yoga and meditation as self-care practices into their daily routine, they will be better equipped to identify and address the needs of the young people they work with in their communities.

Here is what Fitore had to say about the training:

How to start? From where? What can I describe first? Our tired faces waiting for the keys of our cottages or our “fear” on how we gonna spent an entire week in a new environment with unknown people; or maybe our eager and curiosity to explore the area and get to know each other?! Every single detail is so fresh to me. I consider myself as extrovert and can get easily in touch with people, but in Dilijan it was more than that. Through the support and honesty of all of the participants found the strength to give a voice to my inner self  and make it out loud. The trainers created a magical bubble and put us inside of it, they made me forget the harmful world outside, made me feel accepted, safe and loved more than ever. The whole training gave me the space to grow, made me remember that loving myself it’s a blessing itself and accepting myself with all the wrong choices is nothing but a courage to be imperfect and that means to be a whole-hearted person.
All I’m trying to say, is that this training is a must once in a life time.
I’m really grateful and thankful for every single moment. 🙂 Of course this wouldn’t be possible without CID. Thank you very much! :))