Project dates: 24th of November – 3rd of December 2019

Project place: Belgrade, Serbia

Application deadline: URGENT!




In a world where the role of media has been so great that a term ‘mediacracy’ (the rule of media) has been frequently used to describe it, the need for media literacy and media activism of young people and youth NGOs is apparent. That is the main topic of this project.

1: Increasing the capacity of youth organisations/workers in the field of media literacy and media activism and fostering their active participation in society, as well as promoting intraregional, transregional and transcontinental cooperation between 11 youth NGOs from 5 Programme and 5 Partner countries from the Balkans, Northern Europe and Latin America.
2: Strengthening media promotion of youth policy and democratic values in the partner countries and on Europe–Latin America level.
3: Create informational/media hub between Europe and LA in the field of youth policy that will improve the connections between these distant parts of the world.


1. Strengthening human and IT resources of 11 youth NGOs in the field of media literacy and media activism;
2. Creating multilingual OER on media literacy and media activism;
3. Improving (technically, visually, conceptually, by involving new contributors) the transnational e-Magazine ( for youth policy and democracy and elevate it to the transcontinental level;
4. Establishing strong transcontinental cooperation among partner NGOs.


1. Training course (TC) in media literacy and media activism
2. Creating educative content (OER):
– advanced Moodle course on media literacy;
– an Moodle course Media Skills for Engaged Youth.
3. Improving (technically, visually, conceptually, by involving new contributors) a transnational e-Magazine for youth policy and democracy and elevate it to transcontinental level as a media in which young people and youth workers from Europe and LA jointly publish their contributions. The e-Magazine becomes a unique place that informs the youth and wider public on youth policy, youth activism and democracy in both Europe and Latin America.




The goal of the TC is to provide media literacy and media activism skills for the youth workers from 11 NGOs from Europe and Latin America. During the training, the participants will develop a range of skills in the field of media literacy/activism: technical competences (the ability to access media), critical skills (understanding, interpreting and critical evaluation of media content) and practical skills (creating media messages – in particular writing texts for the media; developing and using ICT tools for activities through the media).

During the training, the participants will be enabled to create and use ICT tools for media activism. They will be trained to make a blog, and by the end of the training each organisation will have its own blog with texts created during and after the training on youth policy and combating anti-democratic manifestations. In addition to the blog, the participants will also learn to use social networks (FB, YT, Twitter) as vehicles for the media activism.

The TC contains several main parts: 1. Media Literacy and The Power of Media, 2. Youth activism through media, 3. B(l)ogus adventure, 4. Writing skills, 5. Team building and relaxation activities; 6. Strengthening cooperation among partners.

The TC will be implemented by different working methods and techniques of non-formal learning – workshops, discussions, practical work (news writing, making a blog), watching media content, case studies and movie projections, group work, online learning, PPT, icebreakers, energizers…

Particular attention will be given to the method of learning through practical work. During the course, the participants will – with the help of their trainers – make the blogs in WordPress and they will themselves write media articles that they will post on these blogs. They will combine individual work with collective work. In the course of the individual work, international groups will be formed.

The course also contains many activities that served for intercultural meeting, relaxation, team spirit building, and learning through informal socialization. Also, through various activities, the participants will learn about Belgrade, its history, culture, tourist attractions, social life…




– an adult 18+ years old (this criteria is mandatory)
– possess certain media literacy/activism knowledge or strong desire to acquire it;
– to be creative, interested and capable to write articles and/or do photography, caricature or the like;
– to be interested in youth policy, especially the problems of youth;
– to be motivated to combat undemocratic incidents;
– to be familiar with ICTs (to be able to use a computer and access social media);
– to be ready for public (media) exposure;
– to be familiar with the current youth policy situation at local/national/international level, problems and needs of youth;
– to be interested to deal with issues of youth policy in partner countries and at the global level;
– to be willing to cooperate with their European and Latin American colleagues;
– to be willing to participate in Project dissemination;
– to be fluent in English.

It is desirable that the participants bring their own laptop.




All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 180 euros according to the rules and conditions of Erasmus+ programme.



Participation fee: NONE

Sending fee: 500 MKD