Project place: Vienna, Austria

Project dates: 22nd to 28th of October 2019

Application deadline: 4th of October 2019




ON I OFF Line: Youth Engagement Using Digital Tools project is a strategic partnership for innovation and exchange of good practices part of Erasmus plus programme that aims at strengthening the capacities and enhancing their knowledge through exchange of good practices on different trends on digital tools either online or offline.

Since a decade, internet has a huge impact on elections and turnout. From the online campaign of Barack Obama, which was pioneer in the use of social networks in a political campaign, to the recent European elections, which has shown an increase of youth turnout. As the youth turnout still seems one of the lowest in all the age categories, especially for primary voting population, which is also the most connected generation ever. Henceforth, it is necessary for youth organisations to diversify their means of action, updating their knowledge and always keep the highest chance to reach the targeted groups for their projects, following the latest trend on digital tools, either online or offline.


During the workshop participants will work on:

  • Developing engaging digital tools towards the gamification of youth work
  • Developing models that youth workers can use to enhance their presence online but also support engagement in the real world
  • Innovative Digital Tools for Action Manual:
    – Action-oriented quizzes,

    – Experiential games,
    – Social experiments etc.

After finishing the workshop participants have to work on testing the digital tools that they have
developed in their home country.




The Workshop is designed for young people, youth worker and any person involved in youth participation activities. Moreover, the participants must:
– Be able to work in English
– Be willing to contribute with their experience;
– Come from partner countries Austria, Brazil and North Macedonia;
– Be able to attend the whole duration of the workshop;
– Be highly motivated toward developing digital tools for gaminification of youth work;

We are targeting the following profiles:
– Be between 16 – 26 years old;
– Young people motivated to try out different digital tools and methods in engaging young people in civic activities;
– Local youth workers or project manager working with and for young people on the field of youth;
– Young people who are engaged in civic initiatives that advocate their engagement in decision-making process;
– Young people who are interested in developing digital tools;





All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 euros according to the rules and conditions of Erasmus+ programme.



Participation fee: NONE

Sending fee: 500 MKD