Dates of the project: October 2019 – September 2021

Lead partner PESHKAR PRODUCTIONS LIMITED, United Kingdom


  • OTB Europe, Portugal
  • Asociación Caminos – Asociación para el intercambio educación y desarrollo social, Spain
  • Mindshift Talent Advisory lda, Portugal
  • Xenios Polis. Culture, Science and Action, Greece
  • Center for Intercultural Dialogue, North Macedonia


TheInterMEDs -Fostering ‘Intercultural MEDiators’ as a practice for establishing communities coalition and mutual understanding is built on the special training of members of both communities, either local ones, or migrant communities to be these InterMEDs, the individuals who will act as specific intermediators between the exchange of different cultures, with the key-skills of social responsibility and intercultural understanding and the skills to use all forms of promotion, such as arts, culture, media, training for the enhancement of respect, tolerance, cooperation and communities coalition.
The project includes 8 partners from 6 countries  and it (targets) members, leaders or representatives of local communities, NGOs, Civil Society Associations, Associations of Immigrants/Refugees, organizations supporting the inclusion, the integration practices, the human rights, the intercultural exchange, b) public bodies staff and public servants-administrative staff in relative positions who are in need to acquire all these intercultural skills, necessary for the daily contact with different cultural background citizens.

The InterMEDs addresses the objectives:
a) to empower through training and specific tools society members as intercultural mediators-experts who will undertake the responsibility of improving understanding and cooperation among communities and their members; these intercultural mediators will contribute in the practical coalition of culturally different populations, conflict resolutions, intolerance and discrimination combat;
b) to recruit in their training beyond the traditional materials, other means, too, such as the common arts values, the traditions, the Media;
c) to involve in this procedure members of both communities and give the chance particularly to youth and women of these local communities to be in the leading;
d) To take advantage of the opportunities offered by ICT and digitize the quality of learning content;
e) To create and deliver innovative products and trainingtools- as tailored needs learning resources – based on differentiation methodologies and adult education approaches;

The activities include respective intellectual outputs and multipliers events (National Seminars/Workshops, Final Conference); the InterMEDs IOs comprise of the Review Paper on Context (IO1), the Intermediators Curriculum (IO2), the Digital Toolbox & Resources (IO3), the Methodological Guide for Educators (IO4) and the Policy Book (IO5). Last, it is expected that through the targeted actions there will be a significant positive changein the overall social cohesion in local, national and EU context, in regards with tolerance and inclusion promotion, mutual understanding and communities coalition, through intercultural exchange, respect and intermediators activation.