Project dates: 01.12.2019 – 30.01.2020

Project place: Samsun, Turkey

Deadline for applying: URGENT!



Hosting organization summary:

Mozaik Human Resources Development

Mozaik is a non-profit organization with the aim of supporting the inclusion of disadvantaged young people and adults and also integration of people with mainly migrant background in the local area on the fields of cultural, vocational and social in Samsun/Turkey.

Organization promotes relation between disadvantaged groups with migrant background including;
-old people,
-disabled people and disadvantaged young people,
-and other groups in the local area.

The aim of our organization is;
-To develop innovative resources and create new opportunities for target groups in order to promote their potentials and to gain new competences and skills.
-To raise awareness of youth leadership, human rights, dispute resolution, volunteerism among youth, citizenship responsibility, local democracy and civil society.

We cooperate with:
NGOs, schools, kindergartens, public institutions (municipality, governorship, etc.), Counseling and Research Centre, city council, university, other educational institutions and organizations (that are active in the field of labor market).

Organization also;
Provides cost-free advice on training and vocational training to people living in local (Samsun) and from other cities and countries.
We have supplied with many educational and vocational trainings according to the needs and expectations of target group.




Legal Requirements

– You must be legally resident in the EU Member States or one of the following countries:
North Macedonia and Turkey, Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, Russian Federation
– Your age should be between 18 and 30 years at the start of the event.

What are we expecting from you as a volunteer?

– Since we both do not speak the same language, at least basic English knowledge is required from you to understand each other better.
– There is no significant experience required for this youth experience except your curiosity and open-mindedness. 
– Last but not least: Bring your positive energy with you! 

You can work in different areas that we provide:

– In the office (Mozaik Human Resources Development)
– In special education school for disabled young people
– In kindergartens

Volunteer service activities/tasks can be carried out in the following areas for you to join and help:

– Working with young people with disabilities,
– Activities related to children, young people,
– Help the team with administrative tasks in the office,
– Do posters, workshops for project related activities and events
– Helping to local community or migrants (daily activities of the Youth: games, group dynamics, workshops, handicrafts, theatre, dance, sports, music, etc.)
– Preparation for the activities in schools, kindergartens (for kids with special education needs)
– Working with youngsters in Schools (for kids with special education needs)


Information about Samsun 

Samsun is a highly rich trade city with a population over half a million people on Black Sea Region, between Kızılırmak and Yesilırmak rivers in Turkey. It is the provincial capital of Samsun Province and a major Black Sea port. The growing city has two universities, several hospitals, shopping malls, a lot of light manufacturing industry, sports facilities, museums and an opera.

Samsun has a very important transportation system in the field of aviation, land and sea. However, it has also numerous natural beauties, unique masterpieces reflecting paradise and ancient time which shows that it is one of the maximum tourism potentialities.



Send your CV and motivational letter to stating in the subject “Application for short term ESC project in Mozaik Human Resources Development in Samsun, Turkey.