Period: 01.01.2020 – 31.12.2020

Lead partner: Football fans association „The Gentlemen“ – Belgrade, Serbia

Partners: Association “Center for intercultural dialogue” – Kumanovo, North Macedonia, A.S.T.E.R.I Association – Thessaloniki, Greece and Local football club “Lokomotiva” – Belgrade, Serbia.


Serbia and wider region had passed through a turbulent period of political and economic crises, which have had numerous negative impacts to whole society in terms of increased violence, nationalism, hatred, social exclusion, lack of appropriate education, etc. All these impacts were and, sadly, are still present, especially at the sport stadiums and within the young population. Our idea is to tackle this societal challenge by approaching the sensitive adolescent population which is most exposed to these negative influences and to try to initiate a change through educational trainings, raising awareness through revealing the causes of bad behaviors and exchanging experiences on good practices.

The objectives we plan to achieve through these actions are:
-better understanding of the actual status and various negative and positive impacts of sport-surrounding factors upon the target youth group achieved through the event interaction and surveys, where we expect the support of our partners through their viewpoints, analysis and experiences;
-sharing the positive experiences of our association with the young groups, enriched with the guest sport professionals and practitioners participation at our presentations;
-building new international connections and basis for intercultural exchange between our and our partners youth groups; introducing new format and style of communication in sport-related environment.

The project result will be produced through 12 months-long interaction of NGO’s from three countries, supported by experienced professionals in managing this kind of projects and creating the educative program content and participation of real sport fans who are sharing their interesting and educative experiences.