Between 22nd and 25th November I attended the 3rd Transnational Meeting & Event in the framework of ‘Open European Societies’ project, hosted by AddArt in Thessaloniki, Greece.

‘Open European Societies’ is a European project that raises awareness on the migration history of Europe, giving evidence to the diversity and co-existence of different nations and cultures in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia and the United Kingdom by researching and exploring the migration history of these countries in the 20th century. It is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.
The meeting started on the 23rd in the morning with a creative storytelling workshop in which we explored different types of stories and had a chance to create a common story. After the workshop the project partners met to discuss the progress of the work. We watched and gave feedback on the video for the local campaign which is in the final phase and will be shown in public soon. Till the end of the meeting on the agenda were the local workshops. I presented the workshop on human rights and hate speech that we held on 19th November in MultiKulti youth center in Kumanovo. The other project partners presented their implemented workshops or the ideas and plans for future workshops. In the late afternoon and evening hours AddArt was host on the 3rd Transnational event and presented a diverse programme consisted of live performance of jazz violin quartet, photo exhibition, screening of short animation films, ending with performance of live music and video show.
The next day, on 24th, we discussed the video interviews that all partners are editing at the moment or are still recording. They will be shown in the following months. In the afternoon hours we had a guided tour through Thessaloniki on the topic of migration and hate crimes.
For all updates follow the FB page of the project Open European Societies.