Starts 31 December 2018 until 30 July 2020

Youth nowadays, are incredibly enthusiastic when it comes to using technology. Their day-to-day engagement seems natural and effortless, leading many to believe that youth are experts in all things digital. Youth engagement using digital tools mostly includes texting, video-streaming, and engaging on social media. While some are engaging in coding/HTML programs outside of educational institutions, the majority do not have access to formal guidance on how to use social media and technology to create and solve social problems meaning that youth is not necessarily digitally literate.

ON|OFF LINE: Youth Engagement Using Digital Tools will deliver an innovative and effective programme of diversionary work (online and offline tools) with young people, based on methods that have been tried and tested, that will support effective youth engagement aiming to improve the quality of life in communities.

  • Discover which methods provide the biggest impact on youth and which tools are better for active youth engagement, analyzing the combination of both online and offline;
  • Develop digital tools that enhance youth work and empower young people to action;
  • Develop innovative methods enhancing young people digital skills towards democracy and civic participation;
  • Discover how to encourage the development of effective tools to tackle youth issues on an international level;
  • Provide methodological approaches in using digital tools already existing.