Did you ever thought of being in a nice city and have chance to meet cool people and learn new things. This time CID representatives Florim Rexhepi, Flamur Kasa, Albin Fejza, Mihaela Stefanovska and Besian Zenku had a chance to participate in an amazing event organized by PopEDU in the beautiful city in Vienna.

The 6 day “digiZation Evaluation Seminar and International Conference” was filled with variety of activities where participants could explore, learn and develop digital tools. For the first two days participants worked on reviewing the Digization booklet, they edited, added and expanded the content of the booklet in creative and fun ways, which by the way you can download it now!
The next day’s sessions were focused on developing the different digital skills how to use your smartphone camera as a PRO in only one day. Francis Rafal form Content creation school did an amazing work in leveling up the skills of the participants. Here are some videos produced during this workshop.

Check the rest of the videos here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/popedu.org/videos/?ref=page_internal

In the last day the participants helped organize a TEDx DonauineselSalon international event during participants from CID presented on stage their innovative ideas.

Besides the workshops in Vienna participants had a chance to explore the city. They worked at the premises of National History Museum of Vienna which is a unique cultural heritage for the city.  Dine in very unique places around the city such as Vollpension a social enterprise run by lonely pensioners, very unique place where you could feel like you are at your grandmas’ place and Divan run by refugees and students which offered very delicious and affordable food for everyone.


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