Promoting Youth Activism in Multiethnic Communities is a project that we started to implement form April 2019. Since then we had one 5 days training and five 2 days consecutive trainings with young people with different background and coming from three different municipalities: Kumanovo, Lipkovo and Staro Nagoricane.

The focus of the trainings was teaching participants different topics and helping them to gain new skills and knowledge’s so that they can be prepared to become Youth Call Leaders. Youth Call Leaders are group of young people who can help other youngsters realize their ideas and fund their projects.

Here you can find more pictures from the training’s. 

Youth Call Leaders opened a call for applicants where young people can apply their creative ideas according to the priorities shared with them. The priorities where:

  • Quality education
  • Combating discrimination and inequality
  • Improving the cultural and social life of young people in society
  • Access to youth rights (transport, political participation, participation in the school system, access for people with disabilities, needs to public institutions, etc.)

According to the knowledge that the leaders have gained and with the help of the project coordinator they selected the best applications to be implemented. In total 5 applications are going to be implemented in three municipalities.

From 05-07 December we organized a stake holders meeting where the target group of the meeting were the policy makers – city councils and municipalities, schools and the business sector, as key stakeholders. This meeting give us a space for highlighting the importance of financially supporting young people as active contributors to the community in their efforts of creating a sustainable and democratic society.

Currently we are at the stage of implementing five initiatives in three municipalities, the youngsters together with their schools and with the help of the municipality will plan and implement the activities in the period December-January.