Center for Intercultural Dialogue this year had an amazing very fruitful collaboration together with PopEdu in series of activities in the field of digital participation. This time in Vienna were gathered 5 CID representatives in a workshop on exploring digital tools and practices for online and offline engaging young people. This activity happen to be after a Youth Exchange on the same topic where participants were exploring. Here are key highlights from a 6 day workshop.

⭐️ Session on Digital Storytelling & Campaings

Understand how stories are created, what the elements of the story are and how to build a story through Hero’s Journey framework. Transforming the story into a digital content. Understanding online digital campaigning. What do we need to do to have successful campaign and what makes young people engage in the story of a digital campaign. What are the Pro’s and Con’s for a good campaign. The workshop was delivered by Mathias Has a social media marketing specialist on Digital Storytelling.



  📲 Learning Phoneography

Learning about how to make professional like photos and videos in only using 10 techniques. This interactive workshops provided tips and hacks on how to best utilize the skills on covering events and develop videos for different social purposes. The workshop was delivered by Francis Rafal from the Content Creation School.


Besides these workshops there participants worked on developing the booklet on the good practices as well as on the plans of the campaigns for the upcoming phase of the project!

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