The Staff of Center for Intercultural Dialogue organized and attended a team building training that offered team building and capacity building activities between 4th and 6th of November.

The team building took place in Ohrid and aimed to advance and improve the skills, communication and working methods that the staff needs so that they can work in harmony.

The programme focused on office management, discussing about different methods of communication that can be used, decision-making when it comes to work-related tasks, organizing events, budget and finances, and of course a strategic planning for the annual programme of MultiКулти. We did not forget to have fun, we have played many board and fun games in the free time.


Arta  Abduli, one of the team members shared her opinion:

“I enjoyed this team building training. We really spend the day with the staff in our week but I felt much more friendly and closer with the staff in this training. We used to have a lot of logical team building activities. We discussed a lot on our tasks and responsibilities.  As a last activity we had to cook our lunch before we leave and we all enjoyed it.

 We have good relation among staff but I hope that this training will improve even better ones.”   

So stay tuned… we have a lot more to offer in the upcoming year!