Center for Intercultural Dialogue organized the 8th School against hate speech in the period of 22nd till 27th of December 2019 in Berovo, North Macedonia. This year’s edition was dedicated to countering sexist and homophobic hate speech and was supported by the European Youth Foundation of Council of Europe.

The project aims to raise awareness about the specific context and the negative effects of sexist and homophobic hate speech on young people in North Macedonia, vulnerable groups and human rights in general.


Twenty young people, youth workers, educators and online social media activists from different cities in North Macedonia were gathered in one place to learn about gender equality and LGBTQI+ rights, how to identify sexism and homophobia and how to deal with online and offline hate speech and discrimination.

It was an amazing training with wonderful people who were learning through non-formal education methods. However, the project does not stop here, the participants from the training activity were not only equipped with competences to actively combat sexist and homophobic hate speech online and offline and promote human rights, but also to produce counter narratives to sexism and homophobia and to provide workshops for combating hate speech to other activists back in their organizations or institutions. In the following months you will be hearing about them.