Supported by: the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands.

Period: January 1st – December 31st 2020.

The purpose of the Civic Engagement for Intercultural Society is to build the capacities of the civil society actors (schools, NGOs, youth) and the local authorities (City Councils, Commissions on Relations Between Communities – CRBCs, municipal administration) for mutual cooperation, aiming to create mutual efforts for building the inclusive policies based on the national strategy “One society for all” for the minority groups within the municipalities.

Additionally, the activities of the project are devoted on the issues for strengthening the institutional capacities of the Commission on Relations Between the Communities (CRBC) and the need to be established the long-term political reforms and solutions that would fulfil the priorities on the local level.

The project will offer building and strengthening the capacities of the CRBC and the key actors in the local community through the mutual cooperation on national level and through mutual engagement in the processes of creating action plans and inclusive policies between the representatives of the local authorities, civil sector, schools and youth on local level.

The project will encompass the following activities:

  • No hate school – “Inclusive society for all”
  • Needs assessment and policy analysis on the role of CRBC on implementing the “One society for all” policies (Kumanovo, Kavadarci, Kichevo and Gostivar)
  • Three – one day tailored trainings on human rights, democratic participation, fact-based research and advocacy for all the members of CRBC and members of the civil society, schools and other actors (Kumanovo, Kavadarci, Kichevo and Gostivar)
  • Implementing local action plans with policy recommendations (Kumanovo, Kavadarci, Kichevo and Gostivar)
  • Capacity building on the community actors and implementation of action plans with policy recommendations (Kumanovo)
  • Activities for building leadership and intercultural competences of young people to act as agents of change in their schools and local community (Kumanovo)
  • Developing youth lead initiatives/campaigns for inclusive society (Kumanovo)
  • Evaluation and creation of evaluation report (Kumanovo, Kavadarci, Kichevo and Gostivar)

This project is implemented by Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) Kumanovo in partnership with the organizations SPPMD Kavadarci, FACTOR Kichevo and Organized Youth Association (OYA) Gostivar. Furthermore, within the project, Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) Kumanovo will establish a cooperation with other relevant actors as well i.e. Commission on Relations Between Communities, the municipalities from the partner organizations, City Councils, municipal administrations, local schools and NGOs.