Project dates: 12th – 19th of May 2020

Project place: Pfadiheim Hischwil (near Zürich), Switzerland

Deadline for applying: 20th of February 2020



With the “Peace in Practice” project, we are ready to share our expertise with you, and support you in becoming a change maker for a more peaceful world!
The project will last through all 2020 and aims at inspiring you to be and act as a multiplier/messenger of peace, and create a chain of follow-up actions for promoting and living peace on local, national and international level. It consists of several steps, including:
international training course in May 2020 in Switzerland,
– creation of a poster with “Peace every day” mind map – 100 ways to live peace in everyday life, which will be available in numerous languages,
local actions for peace organised by the training participants (June-October 2020).
As a first step, thanks to the financial support of Movetia Swiss National Agency, we are ready to invite over 30 participants to join a one-week training course “Peace in Practice”, during which you will:
– deepen your knowledge and understanding of the concept of peace and its different levels (intrapersonal, interpersonal, with nature),
– learn how to live peace and act for peace through small-scale actions that can be done even without big resources,
– get equipped with various peace-related tools and methods you can later use in your work and everyday life,
– be offered space for safe exchange of good practices, of inspiration, of sharing resources and ideas,
– plan a follow-up action to take place in your local community upon the course completion.
All in all, we offer you not only an excellent learning opportunity which will support you to increase the quality of the work you and your organisation are doing in connection to peace, but also a unique networking experience with fellow-minded people from across Europe.
What is more, thanks to the co-operation with the International Secretariat of SCI and the co-funding by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, we can offer interested participants’ teams microgrants (of up to 1,200 euro) to implement local peace-related actions, to take place before 30 October 2020.
We believe that the TC will increase your self-confidence, make your work more efficient, and help you have a greater impact on your surrounding community and reality!


– youth workers with a strong interest in the topic of peace and its appliance in their work with young people,
– trainers, educators and facilitators working with various target groups such as migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, (young) people with fewer opportunities, minorities, etc.,
– educators on the topic of peace and peace building,
– activists, enthusiasts, volunteers willing to learn more about peace and apply it in their actions.
In general, we encourage participants with some experience of working in the youth field, but we are also open to newcomers, activists and enthusiasts. What is the most important for us is your willingness to become actors of change – multipliers in your local communities, and persons promoting and willing to live peace in your everyday routine (on a personal and professional level). All participants are expected to commit and actively participate in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of the training as well as to participate for the whole duration of the event.
There are a few formal requirements you need to satisfy to join the training course:
1. You should be able to communicate in English.
2. You must be minimum 18 years of age.
3. You need to attend the whole course duration (there is no possibility to make exceptions).
4. You commit yourself to organise a follow-up action in your local community / country upon the course completion (these can be e.g. a workshop, street action, online campaign, presentation, screening, peace caravan, discussion, workcamp, etc.).
Sustainable food: The food we provide will be vegetarian with vegan options. This is not just a practical decision, but also an ideological one: SCI believes in the values of sustainability and climate justice – and if we want to contribute to a more peaceful planet, we need to give up on animal agriculture and its destructive effects on our planet.
Sustainable travels: We encourage you to use environmentally friendly transport (bus, train, car sharing) when possible.


All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered.
Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 EUR according to Erasmus+ rules. It will happen upon collecting all tickets and invoices and calculating all costs.

Participation fee: NONE!

Sending fee: 500 MKD