Project dates: 27th of April – 1st of May 2020

Project place: Loughrea, Ireland

Deadline for applying: 20th of February 2020





This seminar is based on the idea that more needs to be done to empower young people and help them develop their ability to be in charge of their own lives and to take their place as global citizens. During the seminar we will explore what the building blocks to leadership development are and to develop a leadership programme for young people together, based on our explorations.

The programme for the seminar is based on the following objectives:

  • To hear and collect the experiences of youth workers in empowering young people;
  • To experience and exchange inspirational tools and methods which encourage empowerment that can be transferred to working reality.
  • To examine what is needed in youthwork to empower young people;
  • To examine what obstructs empowerment and identify ways of eliminating or minimising these obstructions;
  • To create the basis for a developmental, empowering training programme for young people;
  • To discover the value of the Erasmus+ youth programme as a tool for empowerment of young people and youth leaders;




  • age over 18;
  • youth leaders and youth workers;
  • available for the entire duration of the seminar;
  • motivated to work on the topic;
  • able to work in English;
  • willing to share their experience with CID;




All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 360 EUR according to Erasmus+ rules. It will happen upon collecting all tickets and invoices and calculating all costs.

Visa costs will be covered up to 150 EUR per participant.



Participation fee: 50 EUR

Sending fee: 500 MKD