Between 15th – 17th of January Center for intercultural dialogue hosted the kick-off meeting for the project Youth Ambassadors of Non-formal learning. The project is a Capacity Building for youth in neighboring and enlargement countries between 11 partners from program countries and WB countries aiming at promoting participation in Non Formal Education activities and the power of validation and recognition of competences acquired outside the formal education environment through an innovative methodology.

The main aim of the meeting was to share a better idea of the project, divide tasks, provide management models and get inspired on the actual situation of Non Formal Learning recognition and validation in Europe to have a common ground to work together. We had representatives from all 11 partner organizations, so after we got to know each other and learned about our work, we had a workshop with Marija Popovic for Non-formal learning. The workshop aimed to introduce to the participants the general overview of non-formal learning, EU and WB countries statistics as well as examples of best practices. After the workshop the project coordinator LDA Mostar presented the project activities, project dynamic as well as budget and financial dynamic and reporting.

Next activity regarding this project will be an opening conference in each of the organizations’ countries, involving at least 50 people including relevant stakeholders to present the project with its main aim and objectives. Stay tuned! It is a really interesting project where you will have the opportunity to become our Youth Ambassador!