Between 7-15 February 2020 our participants : Marija Arsovska, Jeton Mustafa, Elena Fodulova, Karolina Velichkovska, Vladimir Georgievski and Endrit Rushiti attended the Youth Exchange “Pillars of Europe” project in Berlin-Grunewald, Germany organized by Europe 4 Youth. The main aim of the project was to look for unity in the greatest diversity of the group and together work on finding a new common history – a narrative that can be owned by young people and make them feel something more about the idea of a common Europe.

Below you could read the impressions of our participants:

The exchange “Pillars of Europe” went very well and I think all of us can confirm that.


We were a wonderful group of young people that came together to discuss the European Union and attitudes towards it. All the participants, which were from Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Greece and of course Germany, were so fun and energetic that we quickly forgot about the tiring travels.
 As Macedonians, we were glad to put in a perspective of a country that’s not in the EU yet. Many people from EU countries haven’t thought about that, so it was interesting to see how our experiences were different. We discussed the benefits and disadvantages of being in the EU, what that means for our countries and we did a LARP (live action role-playing game) in which we could all represent our beliefs through certain characters.
I think we all left the exchange knowing much more about European Union, which is valuable knowledge for life. We also left with knowing many different phrases from different languages – also good to know.
Grunewald was a place that brought many of us close together, which made saying goodbye tough. It was a lovely week that will stay in our memories. We are very thankful for this opportunity.

Marija, Jeton, Elena, Karolina, Vladimir and Endrit