As part of the project Civic Engagement for Intercultural Society, in the beginning of March, it was held the No hate school – “Inclusive society for all”. On the no hate school participated the members from the Commissions on Relations between the Communities (CRBC), Municipal Council, municipal administration and members from the NGOs from Kumanovo, Kichevo, Kavadarci and Gostivar.

During the school, through many interactive workshops, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about and to gain competences in the field of the human rights, democratic participation, hate speech, hate crime, advocacy, the role of the CRBCs within the communities, the National strategy One society for all and drafting 4 action plans. These action plans will be implemented after the no hate school in each of the above-mentioned municipalities separately.

Furthermore, they have acquired/improved their attitudes/behaviors in terms of teamwork, debating and communication, working in a diverse team, respect towards diversity, problem solving, empathy etc. Additionally, the participants, coming from different organizations and institutions, expressed their will for further cooperation on the local level and exchanging experiences on the national level between the municipalities.