The project “Promoting Youth Activism in Multiethnic Communities” came to an end in June. Due to the situation of COVID 19 and taking caring for everyone we decided to held the final event on 30th of June in Zoom platform. After 12 months of training’s, meetings and events in the youth center and in schools and five implemented youth call initiatives in Kumanovo and Staro Nagoricane. the youth call leaders and all of the youngsters that took part in some of the activates gathered together on an online final event to share their achievements.

The event started with the presentation of the objectives of the project and an assessment of how and to what extent the objectives were met. The objectives were as follows:

  • to develop competencies of 20 young people to gain practical knowledge which the participants can further multiply in their communities;
  • to create a space for teaching democratic values and principles, human rights, leadership, community resilience, intercultural dialogue and community trust building;
  • to promote future social cohesion and collaboration between diverse ethnicities of the Kumanovo and the region;
  • to advocate for sustainable access to funding opportunities for young people on a local level

The presentations that the students had on the implemented you call initiatives that they developed showed that the objectives were met: inter-ethnic dialogue was done through events and meetings where participants from various backgrounds gathered and worked together; the youth call leaders that worked on the open call for initiatives for young people developed their plan of how to open the call, they determined the priorities for the initiatives, structured the whole program for implementing the youth call initiative and they are capable now to work and train other peers to start and develop their own initiatives and activities;

The 5 youth call initiatives are:

  • Girl up – a movement to advance girl’s skills, rights and opportunities to be leaders.
  • Human Rights and Scouting – together with the scouts from Kumanovo were organized two workshops for human rights in the municipality Staro Nagoricane with young people from the primary school “Svetozar Markovikj”.
  • Creative and critical writing – in which was organized a workshop “from creative and critical writing in High School Gymnasia “Goce Delcev.
  • Social challenges of a young person in our country – we organized a contest for best written essay on the theme “Social challenges of a young person in our country”, the contest was held in High School “Pero Nakov” – Albanian classes.
  • Freedom of movement applies to all – in this initiative was filmed a video for raising awareness for all of the obstacles that people with disabilities are facing in our community. You can check the video on this link