Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) Kumanovo organized Three one-day trainings (online) in four separate cities Kumanovo, Kavadarci, Kichevo and Gostivar.

In Kavadarci, Kichevo and Gostivar we had a support from few organizations in the implementation of the trainings. Those organizations are: Council for prevention of Juvenile Delinquency (Kavadarci), Youth Development Organization “Factor” (Kichevo) and Organized Youth Association – OYA (Gostivar)

The groups of participants were composed by people with diverse backgrounds coming from the Commissions of the relations between the communities, the police prevention unit, NGO activist, civic activists, students from the high schools etc.

As part of the three one day trainings the participants were able to learn more about the advocacy based on fact research, steps of advocacy, civic engagement, models of civic engagement, the national strategy related to the One society for all and they have created action plans with initiatives associated to their recommendations for the certain priority areas of the strategy.

In the following period the participants will implement their initiatives envisaged in the action plans.

These activities are part of the project Civic Engagement for Intercultural Society, supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands.