From 21st September – 25th September and from 25th September to 29th September we’ve organized training for the project “Promoting youth Activism in Multiethnic Communities”.

The aim of this training was to gather 24 high school participants and 6 teachers. Due to the situation with COVID-19 we decided to split the participants group of 30 people in two smaller groups by 15 participants and we held the two training one for each group from 21st-29th of September.

The focus of this training was on the creation of the group spirit and cohesion.  The participants had time to get to know each other’s, learn more about the different communities that they are coming from, practice some communication skills, learn more about advocacy and discus about discrimination, stereotypes and intercultural dialogue but as well as think about youth activism and youth councils that they are going to form in each high school as a main goal of this project.

The participants were coming from different parts of the town but as well from different municipalities, we had participants from Kumanovo, Staro Nagoricane and Lipkovo.

It is worth mentioning that for most of the participants this was their first time attending such training where non-formal education, creative activities, discussions etc. were used as a main method for implementing the sessions.

This training is going to be followed by ten one-day interactive trainings, stay tuned and follow our work.

Here you can find more photos from the training.