On March 16th 2021, in the Hall of the City Council in Kumanovo was held the workshop for counter-narratives and alternative narratives for prevention of radicalization that may lead to violent extremism and terrorism for CSOs in Struga, Kumanovo and Skopje (CSO Counter Narrative).

This activity is the first among many that are encompassed within the project Youth Civic Education Platform for Countering Radicalization (Youth Counter).

The workshop was attended by the representatives from the local NGOs in Kumanovo and cities around Kumanovo. As part of this activity, it was promoted the future platform that will be created and the opportunities that will be offered by being part of the same. Additionally, the participants were introduced briefly to the other activities and the purpose of the project.

The participants also had a space to introduce themselves and their previous work in front of others and to discuss together with the expert their views and perceptions about the areas that are encompassed with the topic of the project. The shared experienced on the topic will serve for the development of the base line analysis.

Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) – Kumanovo is implementing this project in partnership with the Initiative for European Perspective (IEP) (Leading partner) – Skopje, NEXUS civil concept – Skopje, AKVA – Struga and CBM – Mitrovica.

The project is supported by the European Union.

The entire activity was held by following the COVID 19 measures and protocols provided by the Government.