The InterMEDs partners are proud to present the InterMEDs Curriculum and Open Resource Toolbox, an integral part of “The InterMEDs – Fostering ‘Intercultural MEDiators’ as a practice for establishing communities coalition and mutual understanding” project.

About the project: The InterMEDs project has been built on the special training of members of both communities, either local ones, or migrant communities to be these InterMEDs, the individuals who will act as specific intermediators between the exchange of different cultures, with the key-skills of social responsibility and intercultural understanding and the skills to use all forms of promotion, such as arts, culture, media, training for the enhancement of respect, tolerance, cooperation and communities coalition.

The Intermediators Curriculum and Open Resource Toolbox is developed as part of the Project InterMEDs- Fostering ‘Intercultural MEDiators. As part of the activities, research that was conducted for national contexts by all partners consisting of Mapping of Best Practices, Online Questionnaires and Focus Groups in order to determine the skills and competences of an intercultural mediator. The research defined the main skills required: Intercultural Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict resolution skills, Communication and Language skills and IT technologies and New Media Skills.

The Toolbox consists of eight modules ( Cultural Awareness & Mediation, Intercultural Competence towards issues of discrimination and Intolerance, Community understanding and Co-Operation, Guidance and mentoring skills, Human rights and coalition locality, Cultural Reflection and Positive Exchange, Conflict Transformation, Exploitation of culture and arts ‘tanks’ from both communities, towards practical intercultural exchange) and contains diverse activities such as: educational games, roleplays, debates, projects, energizes, simulations and other creative methods that are based on non-formal education and Adult Learning principles.

The objectives of the Toolbox are:

  • To enable the InterMeds Mediators to educate community members with competences necessary for efficient intercultural communication and community engagement;
  • To provide practical tools that InterMed mediators can apply in their work with community members, young people etc.;
  • Promotes already existing educational resources and best practices related to intercultural learning, human rights and community engagement.

The project includes 8 partners (PESHKAR, OTB EUROPE, PANTEION, CAMINOS, Mindshift, CSI, XPCSA, CID) from 6 countries (UK, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, North Macedonia)


For more informations about the project you can find on communication partner webpages: