Big changes start with the small initiatives!

If you think that our city needs changes that you want to point out to the others, and also  through the creative process to meet new people and establish new friendships and to express your creativity, join us at our exhibition!

We invite you all the young people from 15 to 19 years old, from the high schools in Kumanovo to join the exhibition where you will have the opportunity to share your creativity and talents with others!

The arts for the exhibition should be on topic: “What are missing the young people in Kumanovo?”

The arts should be created by following the criteria:

  • the participants can choose between drawing only with pencil or drawing with acrylic colours;
  • the dimensions of the art should be a paper from Block no.5 for the technique with pencil and 35*45cm for the canvas for the drawing with the acrylic colours;
  • the participants will have possibility in the time frame of 3-4 hours to finish their art;
  • the participants will receive the necessary materials for drawing;

The arts exhibition

  • The arts will be exposed on an exhibition;
  • The participants will receive a symbolic gifts from CID;
  • The drawings will be shown to the local institutions in order to get informed for the needs of the young people expressed through thor arts;


How to apply?

All the interested young people can apply on any of the following e-mails, or and to send the information about their name and surname, telephone number, the technique that they will use for the creation of their art and will write from which school they are coming. The interested participants can apply until 02.05.2021, 23:59

After the deadline for applying, the persons that have applied will be informed about the time and place when and where they will be able to come and to draw. The planned period for the drawing is May 3th to 7th (except if it is not differently determined with the measures and the protocols for protection of covid 19)

Below you can find the information in Macedonian and Albanian language!