Start date: 01/12/2020

End date: 30/11/2023

 Lot 1 – General education and training

General objective – Developing and implementing innovative methods and practices to foster inclusive education and promote common values.

Specific objective – Enhancing the acquisition of social and civic competences, fostering knowledge, understanding and ownership of values and fundamental rights.

Lead applicant org.

  • Fondazione Hallgarten Franchetti Centro Studi Villa Montesca (FCSVM)


  • Giunti Psychometrics Srl
  • Cyprus Pedagogical Institute – The Cyprus Observatory on School Violence (C.O.S.V.)
  • Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID)
  • Association Roditeli
  • Universidade do Algarve (UAlg)
  • European Anti-Bullying Network
  • Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Crete



–       On students: Decrease in bullying and being bullied in and outside school

–       On teachers: New competences for addressing bullying and prejudices

–       On schools, parents and communities: Positive effect on the family/school/community climate, and that’s go beyond the strategy for bullying prevention and intervention


Work package No. 1 PREPARATION

12.2020– 10.2021 (10 months)

Lead partner: Giunti Psychometrics (Italy)

Task1.1.: Preparing the partners in relation to the application of this novel approach

Task1.2.: Creation of the project Platform and of the Participative Web Portal

Task1.3.: Elaboration of the Project Initiation Documentation.

Task1.4.: Establishing work plans

Task1.5.: Establishing the Cooperation Activity On-line Registry

Task1.6.: Preparation for the implementation in the schools

Task1.7.: Researches and best practices Updating Report

Task1.8.: Biographic-perceptive questionnaire

Task1.9.: Testing of the scenario-based questionnaire it is expected to have at list 200questionnaires per Country.


D1.1 Agreement of partners on the challenges,needs of target group and objectives addressed through the selected best practice for schools (due date M1)

D1.2 Project Platform and of the Participative WebPortal (due date M3)

D1.3 Project Initiation Documentation (due date M3)

D1.4 Work Plan (due date M1)

D1.5 Cooperation Activity On-line Registry (due date M2)

D1.6 Preparation for the implementation in the schools (due date M8) Face to face sessions in the involved schools

D1.7 Updating Report on Researches and best practices about bullying prevention (due date M6)

D1.8 Scenario-based questionnaire (due date M8)

D1.9 Testing of the scenario-based questionnaire (due date M10)



12.2020 – 11.2023 (36 months)

Lead partner: Fondazione Hallgarten Franchetti – Centro Studi Villa Montesca (Italy)

TASK 2.1 Management of the overall project workplan

2.1.1 Management Board

2.1.2 Expert Advisory Board (EAB)

2.1.3 Focus Group

TASK 2.2 Coordination and Communication

2.2.1 Project partnership meetings

Kick-off meeting in Città di Castello –Italy (month 2)

Second meeting in Nicosisa (CY) (month 10)

Third meeting in Macedonia (month 19)

Fourth Meeting in Portugal (month 27)

Fifth meeting (together with the final conference) in Brussels (month 35)

2.2.2 Decision making and conflict resolution

TASK 2.3 Risk management and contingency planning

TASK 2.4 The WP leader will monitor and report on the performance indicators


D2.1 Partners Agreement (M2)

D2.2 Project Planning Matrix/Logical Framework (M2)

D2.3 Reporting Documents (M6, M12, M18, M24, M30, M36)

D2.4 Internal Platform (M2)

D2.5 Partnership Meetings (M2 – M10 – M19 – M27 –M35)


Work package No. 3 Creation and Implementation of the ANTIBULLYING WSCA FRAMEWORK based on the acquisition of social and civic competences, the promotion of common positive and democratic values and intercultural dialogue, the ownership (knowledge and exercise) of the fundamental rights

10.2021 – 07.2023 (22 months)

Lead partner: FCSVM (Italy)

Task 3.1 Build the framework: Elaboration of the materials for Teachers and school staff

Task 3.2 Build the framework: Elaboration of the materials for Students

Task 3.3 Build the framework: Elaboration of the materials for Parents and Members of the Educating Communities

Task 3.4 Build the framework: Mapping the Community organizations and implementing their involvement

Task 3.5 Implementation of the framework: Training of trainers

Task 3.6 Implementation of the framework: Work with the classes

Task 3.7 Implementation of the framework: Work with Parents and Members of the Educating Communities


D3.1 Training materials for Teachers and school staff (M16, final revision after the experimentation M32)

D3.2 Training materials for Students (M18, final revision after the experimentation M32)

D3.3 Training and informative materials for Parents and Members of the Educating Communities (M18, final revision after the experimentation M32)

D3.4 Maps the Community organizations in each country and Memorandum of Understanding (M18)

D3.5 Report of the Training of trainers- Teachers and parents and Community training (M22)

D3.6 Report on the Piloting and testing in schools (M32)


Work package No. 4 QUALITY ASSURANCE

12.2020 – 11.2023 (36 months)

Lead partner: Association Roditeli (Bulgaria)

Task 4.1 Quality Assurance and Control Plan (QACP)

Task 4.2 Quality Assurance Committee (QAC)

Task 4.3 Quality Control Process During the project a process of quality


D4.1 Quality Assurance Plan (M4 – to be updated during the project lifetime)

D4.2 Quality Indicator (M4 – to be updated during the project lifetime)

D4.3 Tools for the quality monitoring (M4 – to be updated during the project lifetime)

D4.4 Quality Assurance compendium (M4)

D4.5 Quality Assurance Reports (M12; M24; M36)


Work package No. 5 EVALUATION

12.2020 – 11.2023 (36 months)

Lead partner: University Algarve

TASK 5.1 Establishing the evaluation protocol

TASK 5.2 Evaluation planning

TASK 5.3 Evaluation: research data

Task 5.4 Policy recommendations


D5.1 Protocol for the Evaluation of the of the SAFER Model (M3)

D5.2 Bibliographic and documents revision (M5)

D5.3 Evaluation Plan and Evaluation Compendium (M7)

D5.4 Empirical data collection (During the project lifetime)

D5.5 Data Analysis and results discussion (A first report will be provided in May 2022. A second report will be provided after the implementation, in November 2023.)

D5.6 The Lessons learned log and Policy Recommendations (M35)



01.12.2020 – 30.11.2023 (36 months)

Lead partner: C.O.S.V

Task 6.1. “Implementation of Dissemination plan”

Task 6.2 “Communities of stakeholder building”

Task 6.3 “Setting up an online support infrastructure”

Task 6.4 “Portfolio of dissemination materials”

Task 6.5. “Scientific dissemination and Presentations at relevant multiplier events”

Task 6.6 Final Conference in Brussels


D6.1 Dissemination plan (M6)

D6.2 The online support infrastructure (M8)

D6.3 Portfolio of dissemination material (M7)

D6.4 SAFER leaflets, brochures, posters (M11)

D6.5 SAFER e-newsletters (M6, M12, M18, M24, M30; M36)

D6.6 Publication of the project results in specialized and non-specialized local and foreign journals (During all the project lifetime)

D6.7 National Multiplier events and Final International Conference (Last five months of the project)

D6.8 Intermediate and Final Dissemination Report (M18, M36)



07.2022 – 11.2023 (16 months)

Lead partner: EAN

TASK 7.1. Support for policy reform and indication for promoting the well-being in education

TASK 7.2. Creation of an Ambassador Network of the Antibullying WSCA framework within EAN

TASK 7.3 Definition of the Sustainability and Exploitation Report.

TASK 7.4 Creation of a section in the Online platform for the exploitation of the Network


D7.1 Support for policy reform (M24)

D7.2 Network platform of discussion (M22)

D7.3 Sustainability and Exploitation Report (M18)

D7.4 New concept of Bullying and its relation with the idea of school well-being: position Paper (M24)


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