Project place: Yerevan, Armenia
Project dates: YE: 1-8 September, 2021


About the project 

The training course “Up2You(th)!” will host 15 Youth Workers, Educators and Youth Trainers from Slovakia, North Macedonia and Armenia who have the potential to become multipliers of methods and knowledge, will join a 6 day intensive cross-border Training on Effective Youth Engagement and Outreach Methods for Youth Organizations, where they will increase their knowledge and experience in youth participation, youth engagement, youth outreach and tools of engaging young people in decision making processes on a local level. Experts from Armenian Progressive Youth NGO (Armenia) will deliver the training.



The training aims to strengthen capacities of youth workers, project managers and educators to engage effectively individual youngsters and groups of young people in community as well as will equip them and their organizations with capacity, tools and methods to deliver high quality and inclusive workshops on youth participation and active citizenship.

The training will help involved participants to understand what are the main tips and tricks necessary for an efficient outreach – as an activity of engaging young people who might not otherwise have access to community participation. Participants will explore the educational role of outreach and tools of approaching underserved communities.

There are several results expected in relation to the participants of the training. Participants will strengthen their capacity the following aspects of youth outreach:

  • Identification of the people who need outreach: before approaching them, those communities have to be clearly identified and their needs have to be assessed and evaluated.
  • Raising awareness: education and capacity building are very important components of the outreach work.
  •  Understanding the importance of patience, empathy and sensitivity for the effective communication and collaboration with the target groups of young people.
  • Developing an action plan for youth outreach back in the communities, to recruit young people who will join local workshops on youth participation and activism.

Participants are also trained to be able to transfer the knowledge back to their peers, because participants will be conducting surveys and offering workshops back to their communities in selected areas targeted by this project.


Participants profile

– At least basic knowledge of the role of youth work in processes of social change;
– At least basic knowledge and understanding of youth participation;
– Willingness to commit to conduct needs assessments surveys, focus groups and local workshops back home based on the developed methodology;
– Knowledge of the situation of young people in their own country and of the specific work context for empowerment work with less active young people;
– Motivation to take part in a mutual learning process in a very inter-cultural setting;
– Sufficient level of English to follow the course and to contribute to it;
– Wish and ability to participate fully in the training.



All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered.

All participants will receive a YouthPass certificate at the end of activity.


PCR test required 
Participation fee: NONE!
Sending fee: 500 MKD


You can apply by completing this Google Form