Project place: Poznań, Poland


Project dates: August 29, 2021 – September 4, 2021


Deadline for applying: 23.07.2021


Topic and objectives

The aim of the project is to improve the quality of volunteering projects by developing the competence of people organizing volunteering projects and/or
cooperating with volunteers through the development of the following skills:

  • identifying volunteers’ needs and directing them to adequate tasks,
  • recognizing motivations of volunteers and using its potential,
  •  improving the quality of communication with volunteers (including the ability to resolve conflicts),
  •  the development of skills to promote volunteering (including learning outcomes in volunteering) through various channels,
  • identifying the potential of learning in volunteering and supporting volunteer learning.


  • overview and learn from the VOLUNTEERING experiences in different countries,
  • develop skills of identifying learning potential in volunteering activities,
  • develop supporting skills for volunteers’ learning process (exchange of monitoring and evaluation tools),
  • increase knowledge on evaluation tools for learning through volunteering,
  • co-create the Volunteering Potential LAB publication


Participants profile
  • volunteers of partner organizations responsible for organizing volunteering projects and/or coordinating volunteering work
  • motivated to improve the quality of volunteering projects, develop communication and conflict management skills and support
    volunteers in their learning
  • motivation of participants to implement the tools and skills gained throughout the project in their local communities
  • Basic knowledge of English
  • 18+



All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered.


IMPORTANT : participants should be vaccinated against COVID-19, as well as have a test performed
before traveling to Poland (not applicable in the case of online training)


Participation fee: NONE!

Sending fee: 500 MKD