Project place:  Lozen, Bulgaria


Project dates: 14 – 23 September 2021


Deadline for applying: 15.08.2021


About the project

This project aims at bringing self-awareness at the participants, on their own identity and perception as human beings, not as objects of stereotypes based on their gender. This issue is very common in young people, raised in environments filled with thoughts like masculinity is for boys and emotions are for girls. The youth needs to raise their gender literacy to achieve better self-understanding and confidence. By this project we are willing to promote gender diversity and by transferring understanding on common fundamental values of our society to reach young people and to contribute to the prevention of violent radicalization based on gender.


  • Introducing the visual storytelling as a method for raising awareness campaigns and create an emotional bonding with any topic;
  • Raising awareness on main concepts about gender equality and deconstruct stereotypes on gender roles and appearances created by society back in the years and
  • repeated by the modern society;
  • Introducing knowledge for gender equality education, based on meeting with experts, peer learning and self-assessment techniques and connecting them with visual storytelling methodologies;
  • Developing a sensibility and critical thinking on the topic of gender based inequalities, to be able to recognize the vulnerability of gender (in)equalities and showcase real stories through visual arts;
  • Developing tools to work on prevention or to react in cases of gender inequalities, hate speech, exclusions or violence (online and offline);
  • Developing the competences of the participants to plan, organize and implement educational activities on gender equality;
  • Create a bond and ground for international cooperation and networking


Participants profile
  • Young people, activists and youth workers who want to learn more about visual arts, how to use creative techniques on raising awareness on gender related topics and how to adapt them for an everyday work within their local realities
  • Age 18+
  • Willing to share experiences and stories from their local environment, family, friends and school (university) circles
  • Willing to bring and deconstruct stereotypes based on sex, gender, sexuality
  • Willing or have experience on work with creative visuals (photography, design, arts, etc.)
  • Willing to look for examples for (in)equalities, gender based violence (online and offline) or gender related situations from their personal life
  • Willing to be open-minded and eager to learn from the workshops in this activity and from their peers, as well as maintain a positive attitude and a critical approach to the problematics and topics that will be reviewed
  • Able to understand and express themselves in English
  •  Are committed to attend for the full duration of the event
  • Are committed to assist or take the lead role in planning and implementing local initiatives in order to disseminate the learning outcomes



All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered.


PCR test required 

Participation fee: NONE!

Sending fee: 500 MKD