InterMEDs is online. The partners are excited to announce that the Interactive Online Learning Environment has been developed as part of the Project InterMEDs- Fostering ‘Intercultural MEDiators.

About the project: The InterMEDs project has been built on the special training of members of both communities, either local ones, or migrant communities to be these InterMEDs, the individuals who will act as specific intermediators between the exchange of different cultures, with the key-skills of social responsibility and intercultural understanding and the skills to use all forms of promotion, such as arts, culture, media, training for the enhancement of respect, tolerance, cooperation and communities coalition.

The Interactive Online Learning Environment consists of an online platform and a mobile application. This digital environment enables users to access training materials, online modules, curriculum resources and use interactive and collaborative tools. The platform provides variety of content such as, assessment tools forums, blogs, social networking applications, guidance management systems, mini games and chat rooms, which provides opportunities to network with wide range stakeholders.

In developing the principles of e-learning learning, adult teaching, with guiding principles were included :

  1. a) Gamification (with strong elements of digital games),
  2. b) Use of inquiry-based and problem-based learning approaches,
  3. c) Accommodation of multiple learning styles,
  4. d) Contextualizing learning to meet the needs of learners in different contexts,
  5. e) Providing authentic learning opportunities,
  6. f) Presenting the content in modular smaller frames that provide just in time learning,
  7. g) Promotion of self-reflection through the provision of tutor support and guidance,
  8. i) Provision of stories and case studies,
  9. j) Peer to Peer support and communication.

For more information, please refer to project, coordinator, and communication partner webpages:

The project includes 8 partners (PESHKAR, OTB EUROPE, PANTEION, CAMINOS, Mindshift, CSI, XPCSA, CID) from 6 countries (UK, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, North Macedonia) and is co-financed by the Erasmus+ KA2 Programme of the European Commission