In these beautiful days of autumn, Born2Run 2021 event was one of the best things that happened for all the sports lovers and not only. The race was divided into two parts: 3km and 10 km where more than 200 participants took part in the race this year, and we hosted guests from ‘Poraka Nasha’ from Kumanovo.

The event aims at bringing together ethnically divided communities in the city and promoting a spirit of coexistence and mutual trust through sports events.

The event was organized for the fourth time in Kumanovo thanks to the support we received from OSCE Mission to Skopje, Municipality of Kumanovo, Ministry of Internal Affairs – Kumanovo, Red Cross Kumanovo, Health center Kumanovo, Ritron Copy, and Fluidi-M.

Milan Jakimovski, part of the volunteers shared with us his opinion about Born to Run:

“It was my first year as a volunteer on the race. I truly adored it. It was an extraordinary occasion for me. The crew was on point. The organization was acceptable. The participants were truly into the race. Not everything was perfect, but rather in case it was it wouldn’t be just about as fun as that day. The race ought to have begun at 13:00, however it began at 13:20 which isn’t simply late. From the start, we were lost, however, at that point, we got in the calculation and we were working like one. The race was one of my favorite things that happened this month. I truly appreciated it, and I would do everything over once more. My favorite thing that happened during the race was the individuals with special needs who were running, too. I loved their enjoyment. Toward the day’s end, they were the genuine champs of the race. Also, the last thing I would do is to thank each participant who willfully ran and occurred in our Born2Race event and to the CID staff that made all of this possible.”

Katerina Cvetkovska part of the volunteers shared with us his opinion about Born to Run:

“This was my first experience in a more serious organization, which requires seriousness from volunteering and a lot of hard work. This race, which is being organized for the fourth time in a row, has taught me a lot of new things. Each of us volunteers had a responsibility that he had to fulfill. Our team of volunteers showed a very good result thanks to the good team-building training that took place in Ohrid this summer. The weekend while organizing the event was as hard as it was fun and with a lot of instructive lessons, with great support for each other. Although on the day of the race we all felt some stress about how the event would go, at the end of the day the race went wonderfully without any problems. Many thanks to all the participants who participated in the race, and special thanks to the participants from Poraka Nasha who showed immense courage, motivation, and love for the event. This was a wonderful experience for me through which I met many wonderful new friends and I hope that this friendship will continue.”


You can find the more photos on this link.