This Thursday (November 18th 2021) it was held a discussion with the Mayor of the Municipality of Kratovo – Mr. Todorvche Nikolovski, the President of the City Council – Ms. Vesna Petrova and the Youth Officer -Ms. Katerina Peshevska.

The topic of the discussion were the results of the research with the young people from Kratovo regarding the youth services stated within the Law on Youth Participation and Youth Policies and what will the municipality do in order to provide these services.

In the audience, there were the young people representatives from the youth wings of the political parties, local youth council as well as the young people from the local NGOs and schools who also contributed to the discussion with their ideas.

*This discussion is part of the action plan from the activity Youth Policy Labs as part of the Civic engagement project. The Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) is implementing the activity as a regional office of the National Youth Council of Macedonia for the Northeast statistical region.

The activity is supported by the USAID.