Dates of the project:  November 2020 – October 2022

Partners:  Center for Intercultural Dialogue, Agency for development and cooperation CEREBRA, Youth for Exchange and Understanding YEU


  • To build capacities of youth workers to be able to provide peer-review of their work and self-assess their competencies within a given competence framework for youth workers (portfolio)
  • To raise awareness on the need to develop learning learn competencies within youth work and motivate youth workers for lifelong learning
  • To develop and try out specific recognition tools for youth work providers (quality label tools) and for youth workers (recognition portfolios) as examples of non-formality in the recognition of youth work
  • To develop participants’ understanding and knowledge of various forms of youth work systems and discuss their applicability in different contexts
  • To exchange good practices of youth work recognition between youth workers and their associations from the 3 participating countries but also on a European level


The project is addressing one of the key issues in youth work recognition both for individuals and for provider entities: the aspect of real effective and meaningful quality assessment. The project is addressing one of the key issues in youth work: the aspect of real effective and meaningful recognition, quality management, and outreach of youth work which is free enough to be constantly changing and improving, and still validated with adequate guarantees for its quality. So, the project will develop and offer tools for recognition of youth workers, and build their capacities to be able to do this on their own.