On November 30th 2021, together with the mayor Mr. Maksim Dimitrievski, the youth officer Mr. Martin Krstikj and the representatives of the youth Ms. Marta Spasikj and Mr. Filip Krstevski, it was discussed how much the young people from the Municipality of Kumanovo are introduced with the services for youth envisaged within the Law on youth participation and youth policies. The discussion was mainly on the research made with the youth in this municipality in the period from August to October 2021.

There were proposed many ways how the actual law can be implemented by the local institutions as well as which are the expectations from the young people for the establishment of all the envisaged services. Additionally, it was discussed how can be improved the familiarity of the youth with these services and the entire law as such.

The discussion is part of the activity “Youth Policy Labs” as part of the Civic engagement project. The activity is implemented by the Center of intercultural dialogue as a regional office of the NYCM for the Northeast region. This project is supported by USAID.