Our colleagues Nami Isaki and Ivana Stojchevska took part in the international “HOW CAN MUNICIPALITIES BE MORE YOUTH FRIENDLY?” Conference in Krakow, Poland that was held from 08th to 10th March 2022.

At the conference, they presented our Youth Center MultiКулти as a best practice that we have in our town. Through a discussion, they also tackled some interesting topics such as:

  • language of communication between the city and young people: text, symbol, visuals, values, posters, apps, offices
  • formal systems of recognition of the city as a youth-friendly entity – case studies from European cities
  • efficiency measure of public youth policies and grassroots youth movements
  • dependencies between the general quality of life in a city and the aspect of youth-friendliness
  • other youth-oriented ideas suggested by the Participants and their Organizations of the Project.

This conference is part of the project “Mapping best practices for youth friendly cities” co-financed by the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union.