Project place: Lądek-Zdrój, Poland

Project dates: 27.05 – 04.06.2022

Deadline for applying: URGENT!


About the project

The training course “Creative physical activities a tool of youth work ” is organized by Association ArteWeda/Creative Actions Association ArteWeda (PL) and Association CIK/Circus La Bulle (SLO).

The training takes a part in Lądek-Zdrój, Poland, from the 27.05 to the 04.06.2022.It include 26 participants and 4 team members, from 12 countries (Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia,

During the 9-day training course, we will discover how to use creative physical and circus activities pedagogy as a method of youth work. We use creative physical activities and circus activities as a form of pedagogy in teaching and in non-formal education. Our main idea is that creative physical activities  and circus activity is appealing and fun for everybody, making it ideal as a tool for educational work with youngsters.


Aims and Objectives

The aim is to introduce youth workers and youngsters to positive, healthy activities that encourages co-operation, and strengthen confidence, while developing co-ordination and persistence. The end result is much more than learning these skills – it also helps to improve self-esteem, build on a social capital and direct people towards positive ways of living.

The main goal of our project is to teach the participant basics of various creative physical and circus skills such as partner and group acrobatics, juggling, diabolo, balloon modelling… and show them how to prepare and implement creative physical and circus workshop, which they can use as a tool in their work with youngsters. On the end of our training course, all the participants will be equipped with knowledge how to prepare and implement a basic creative physical activities pedagogy workshop on their own. After the project, their task will be to lead a creative physical activities pedagogy workshop for youngsters in their country and this way disseminate results of the training course.

During the project, participants (with the help of trainers) will prepare a short creative physical, circus show that they will perform for the local community. After the show, the participants will lead the creative physical activities pedagogy workshop for the local community and test their newly learned skills.


Participants profile

  – All participants HAVE TO BE OVER 18 YEARS OLD and HAVE RESIDENCLY IN THE SENDING COUNTRY otherwise they cannot participate in the project.
– There should be a gender balance; half participants should be female and half should be male.
– All participants should speak and understand English.
– Participants do not need any previous knowledge of creative physical activities skills as the course is adapted to total beginners.
– Participants should be interested in making follow up international projects.
– Participants with fewer opportunities, meaning youngsters with geographical obstacles (from remote rural areas, islands, less serviced
areas,…), economical obstacles and social obstacles should be included.



All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered  by the hosting organization

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 EUR.



Participation fee: NONE!

Sending fee: 500 MKD