Erasmus+ KA2 Youth. Exchange of best practices

Project number: 2019-3-PL01-KA205-077722

Starting Date: 01-04-2020

Duration: 16 months

Project Aims:

  • To collect best practices of friendly youth cities implementation in various dimensions
  • To bring together youth workers, young people and decision-makers from our municipalities to initiate debate stimulating political decision making in the field of youth friendly cities
  • To stimulate urban development with the special focus on youth and enagage young people into urban planning

Project Activities:

Research – Collecting best practices, detailed knowledge, hands-on examples, implementation methods and strategies in the municipalities from our regions.

LTT: Youth Friendly Cities on a table Exchange, Inspire, Train! (Poland) – Short-term joint staff training events for youth workers, young people, experts and municipality representatives

Publication: Check here! 

Project Partners:

  1. Nausika Foundation (Poland), coordinator
  3. Center for Intercultural Dialogue (N. Macedonia)
  4. Institut za mladinsko politiko, Ajdovscina (Slovenia)
  5. DYPALL Network (Portugal)
  6. PONT Group (Romania)