The seminar “Diverse and Inclusive Youth Work for All” took place in Duisburg, Germany from 06 – 13 April 2022. Duisburg is a town in the western part of Germany and there are so many immigrants there. The weather was rainy and after the second day it was becoming better and better. Everybody was so nice in the markets and on the streets.
Me (Katerina), Cvetanka and Galip were attending the seminar and we can say that it was very educational and motivational. Exchanging experiences, knowledges and ideas with other people was very useful thing for all of us. The trainers were well prepared and very helpful and they gave us time to reflect on ourselves as people. It made us more conscious of our behavior and taught us how to improve our relationship with others.
The first day was about introducing to each other and we got along so well as a group. Every day we were becoming closer and now we have lifelong friends from 12 countries that were attending the seminar. The volunteers (aged 16-46) came from Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey and of course, North Macedonia.
Other days we had a lot of activities through the day from 10:00am to 7:00pm. Every morning we were starting our days with games and energizers and we were singing a lot, and we made our own song too! The days were filled with joy while we were doing our workshops, discussing, presenting our cultures, learning about diversity and inclusion. The workshops were very creative, we did a logo, had a lot of fun in the park and even performed a theatre.
Also, we visited Dusseldorf and my personal opinion is that is the best town for seeing architecture and partying.
We are very glad that we took a part of this project and very happy to be back at home with more amazing people in our life’s and more knowledge about this topic.