Project place: Bansko, Bulgaria

Project dates: 14.08.2022 – 23.08.2022

Deadline for applying: 12.07.2022



Our aim with the Ways of facilitation is to provide necessary input for beginner & intermediate facilitators in a safe, yet challenging environment, while focusing on practicing process-facilitation.These ways, as in life vary from context, target group, environment and other circumstances. However: we believe that as facilitators we can for sure rely on something in every circumstances that we meet: we can rely on ourselves. In the frame of this training we will let you explore what facilitation means for you, while you will collect valuable information about groups, their behaviour, tools to enhance & stimulate communication & cooperation. All this in a fun way, outdoors in the beautiful Bulgarian nature!




  • Development of active & self-conscious European citizens
  • Stimulating social cohesion & youth-understanding

The aim of the Ways of facilitation program is to develop through processes that stimulate professional development, stimulates the facilitation-skills of any individual using their own strenghts while building experience throughout the process. The program will also stimulate communication-resilience through practical activities. Some of the main topics: State management, resilience, sustainable communication, cooperation, group dynamics.




The program of the training has been built in an immersive way, leaving space for stimulating experiences and inspiring moments while also considers times to digest your insights & learnings. Because we think that the greatest way to learn is via experiences, during the exciting and packed days of the program you have the chance to build and control your own learning process:

  • Participate in non-formal activities which will boost your self-awareness and your eye for facilitation;
  • Face group challenges where you can use your knowledge & experience;
  • Experience & observe yourself as a facilitator;
  • Get to know yourself as a team player;
  • Learn practical skills in nature;
  • Harvest the resilience-booster feature of nature around you;
  • Learn practical ways to enhance your facilitation- and communication skills in various contexts;
  • Learn about state management andand how you can use it in your daily life;
  • Engage in practical group activities, such as outdoor cooking;
  • Share about your insights, leadnings & experience in an international group and let yourself be inspired by your fellow participants;
  • Take part in a once in a lifetime experience in a caring & inclusive international context;




  • 18-25 years old
  • Interested & involved in professional development
  • Interested & involved in facilitation
  • With, or preferably without any previous experience with Erasmus+ projects;
  • Excited to improve your facilitation, communication cooperation, leadership, & resilience skills;
  • Active and creative;





All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by the hosting organization.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 180 EUR.


Participation fee: 40 EUR

Sending fee: 500 MKD