Between the period of 10th to 17th of July was held the 2nd part of the YE – SustainMobility Adventure at Alanya, Turkey. We had 2 new participants in the team (Shpetim and Vebi) and 2 from the first part of the YE (Anamarija and Jordan). Even though we didn’t know each other, that changed quickly from the moment we were contacted and connected! Traveling plans and intercultural night preparations were made immediately in order to be ready for the exchange.


The main idea of the youth exchange was to equip us with skills and knowledge on how to travel more responsibly and sustainably and how to respectfully interact when in contact with different cultures. We used informal methods for learning that made everything more fun – made our own podcasts, sketches, videos, posters and all kinds of things. The goal of the activity was to imagine the world with only one or without any different culture, to try to understand everything. How to reduce mass tourism and carbon footprint, how to include sustainable tourism, how to be more sustainable in general. We also had fun energizers and games.

We also gained a lot of insight about who we are, and how everything that we do impacts the people around us, and those on the other side of the globe.

Although learning is very fun, if there’s something that makes exchanges more special then that’s the people that are participating! We had great time connecting with (almost) everyone, and we had the greatest time ever. It’s always nice to meet groups that share the same interests as you. And while time passes, the people stay in your heart forever, to treasure them and to be grateful for the lessons learned from them. Cheers to the Slovenians, Turks, Tunisian and Georgian team that selflessly shared their knowledge and opened their hearts for us, they will for sure have a space in our hearts.

Extremely grateful for CID about this incredible exchange that will be remembered forever!


Anamarija, Shpetim, Jordan, Vebi