Project place: Thessaloniki, Greece and Ohrid, North Macedonia

Project dates: 20th – 29th of September, 2022 (Travel days included)

Deadline for applying: 03.08.2022


YEU is opening the call for its 40th CONVENTION: the Convention will take place from the 20th to the 29th of September 2022 in Stratoni, Thessaloniki (Greece) and in Ohrid (North Macedonia). The event will be organised in the framework of our project “Superheroes of Climate Change”.



 “The Superheroes of Climate Change” is a project that wants to enhance the ownership feeling of green agenda and pursue its mainstreaming – ensuring it is high on priority list of every citizen no matter of age – by bringing the climate change closer to hearts and realities of young people around Europe by applying positive approach and “we can do it” attitude.  The process aims at gathering organisations and young people coming from different and diverse contexts, EU, and non-EU, for the purpose of learning from each other, sharing information and practices but also contributing to the outcomes of the Superheroes Workplan with their own different realities.  The organizations and young people will be able to give different perspectives while still having a high quality level of learning, discussions and sharing!

Objectives of the project are:

  • To create critical mass of young people to mainstream green agenda and sustainability in local communities around Europe by making the fight against global warming personal, doable and empowering for each citizen;
  • To utilise storytelling educational and policy techniques which will empower young people to develop, together with local communities, sustainable and green systematic solutions promoting green lifestyle and youth participation in the framework of Covid19 recovery process;
  • To contribute to behavioral and lifestyle changes of young people in communities around and beyond Europe through enhancing their personal responsibility together with power to act as multipliers by telling stories of potential change close to their realities;
  • To ensure the utmost quality educational experiences leading to network building of young activists empowered to take part in the socio-political life and mainstream agenda at local and European level.



The History of YEU Convention: The history began in 1980, when the non-formal Catholic group, from Germany, decided to make an international camp. The idea of the event had been waiting one year to come true in the Bavarian Alps, on the beautiful lake Koshelsee, during the summer of 1981. The participants were youth from Italy, Austria and Germany. The same group organized a camp next year in Schrottenbaummuhle, under the theme “Symbols in our lives”, with much more participants than before. And it started… After this event, the group decided to organize a very big camp, in the same place. This event was one of the main events which influenced the development of YEU the most. It was the first International Youth Convention in August of 1983.

The topics of the event were more than symbolic, “Borders between people and peoples”, like a symbol of exchanges between countries, especially between youth in Europe. The camp was divided into four villages and each camp village consisted of several sleeping tents and one larger meeting – tent. The number of participants is very hard to reconstruct, but it was between 120 and 140 youth all from Europe which were facilitated by twenty animators. For today’s conditions, it was a big event, hard to organize, especially if we know that communication and technology aspects were not developed like today.

The participants were thinking how borders can be less strong, and how to increase mobility of youth in Europe. The second Convention was about a way of doing that, through a culture of peace and understanding, later and these days it is still the base of YEU. Little sibling of YEU continued to grow up, and next, the bigger International Youth Convention, took part in the country in which participants were more active.

Till today, YEU baby has grown up into a responsible person, 41 years old, who is aware that modern society is not ideal, and that we have to work a lot, if we want a peaceful future society. “Nobody” must be past, because everybody has their own name, and the right to be different.



The Convention will be held 4 days in Greece and 5 days in North Macedonia. YEU will take care of the transfer from Thessaloniki to Ohrid for all the participants.

All costs related to accommodation and food will be covered by YEU.

Travel cost for the participants will be reimbursed 70% of the total cost based on the set travel budget limit per country.

Participation fee: NONE!

Sending fee: 500 MKD!