Project place: Scout Center Ohrid

Project dates: 15 August – 22 August 2022

Deadline for applying: 07.08.2022


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Аbout the project

The project “Youth – agents of change”, financed by the European Union, is implemented by the Center for Intercultural Dialogue in partnership with the Scout Association of Macedonia and NOVUS – Strumica. This project addresses youth initiatives, activism and volunteering as one of the key prerequisites for improving democracy and participation of the local government as well as strengthening and comprehensive direct involvement of citizens in democratic processes at the local level. The project aims to increase youth activism through volunteering with the goal to ensure comprehensive social inclusion and development of local communities. Ultimate beneficiaries of the project are high school students, students, youth activists, young people, women, young people with disabilities, youth initiatives, local youth councils and local members of the communities of the municipalities of Centar, Kumanovo and Strumica as primary target, and 7 more secondary targeted municipalities in North Macedonia


Specific objectives of the project:

  • To strengthen the informal networks of young activists and volunteers, for their field capacities to local authorities and citizens, as well as in their monitoring and advocacy capacities.
  • To build a sustainable educational system in high schools to strengthen and encourage young people and youth activism for their field capacity towards local governments and citizens, as well as in their monitoring capacities and


The project activities aim at achieving four main results:

  • Established mechanism for cooperation of young activists and volunteers with the municipalities “friends of the volunteers” in the process of bringing about positive changes
  • Developed competencies and skills of teachers in high schools through establishing programs for youth activism at the local level through non-formal education
  • Young people with acquired skills to act on local institutions directly and through the local youth councils
  • Raised awareness of the importance of youth initiatives, activism and volunteerism on a local level


The project started implementation in March 2022 and is expected to be completed in August 2024.


About the Academy for volunteerism and activism

The Academy for Volunteerism and Activism is a training camp intended for high school students who, in the duration of 7 days, will acquire skills for acting at the local level, cooperation with local institutions and participation in the work of local youth councils.

The academy will serve to network young people from the same regions in the representation processes before the municipalities for the promotion of digital literacy, intercultural learning, professional education, critical thinking, understanding of inclusion and diversity and promoting values ​​of solidarity, equal opportunities and human rights in between the young people.

During the academy, young people will have the opportunity to discuss how, when and with what help they can make a change at the local level. They will learn from real examples and projects of experienced activists from North Macedonia and the region. The academy will be implemented outdoors, through a methodology that involves education in nature, working in accordance to the scouting principles and values, which contributes to motivating the individuals to reach their full potential. The camp will include 100 participants from 10 municipalities and will last from August 15 to 22.

The program part will be composed of different educational packages made up of a large number of sessions involving volunteerism, activism, youth participation of local/national/regional level, youth legislation, youth actors, youth programs, association and project work. Participants will be able to create their educational path independently according to their interests and goals. The program facilitated by activists who will convey their experience and knowledge in an attractive and interactive way, promises a unique educational experience.

The participants of the academy will have the opportunity in the coming period to get involved in local informal networks of “agents of change” and together with their peers to be real bearers of positive changes through organizing and implementing micro and small projects financed by the European Union.


Objectives of the call

The purpose of this call is to invite interested young people, active and inactive in youth organizations and school clubs to apply to be part of an educational and attractive youth academy for volunteerism and activism supported by the European Union.


Accommodation and food

The accommodation is in camping tents by Lake Ohrid in the Scout Center Ohrid. Meals are in a central kitchen and include 3 meals a day, snacks and refreshments.


Participation costs

The costs of the academy’s participation are fully covered by the project supported by the European Union. Transportation costs in the amount of a return bus ticket from your place of living to the Scout Center Ohrid will be refunded to a personal account after completion of the event, if the original bus ticket is delivered.


Profile of participants

Participants can be high school students in state and private schools from the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia, born in the period 2004-2007.


Application procedure

Registration of interested candidates is by filling in the form available on 3 languages:


– Macedonian language APPLY HERE!

– Albanian language APPLY HERE!

– English language APPLY HERE!


The application form must be completed by August 7, 2022 at the latest. When choosing participants, care will be taken for equal representation of male and female participants, as well as equal opportunities for the representation of young people from different regions. Participants will be notified of the outcome of the applications no later than August 9, 2022.



If you have questions about the academy or the application process, you may contact or