” Our participation in this project was a wonderful experience. What left the biggest impression on us was the commitment of all participants to realize the activities in the most efficient way. The goal of the project to write and create a publication about resilience strategies for organizations facing crisis was easily achieved, thanks to the dedication of each of us. What was a very positive moment was that a community was created with the other participants and it was easier to work in such a relaxed, positive and pleasant atmosphere. Many tips and knowledge were exchanged and new friendships were created during the project.

“Plan B- Think Week” was a great opportunity to expand our experiences, learn new things and make new acquaintances.┬áThe project was educational and we learned a lot of new information on the topic (strategies for organizational resilience, sustainability, impact assessment, etc.). At the same time that our knowledge was expanding, we had a chance to share our experience and our point of view. For us it was important that we got the chance to include CID as an organization in the publication, to use it as an example so that some real situations could be solved with the help of the strategies we wrote about.

All in all, Plan B Think Week was a great project that will always bring us good memories! ”

Shared with us Kamelija Krstikj and Nikola Mirevski