The SAFER project consortium published the Report on Researches and best practices about bullying prevention. This Report condenses, summarizes and compares trends and developments about bullying prevention, thus providing details and insights for a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the Anti-bullying WSCA (Whole School & Community Approach) framework.

The research also addresses what school-based practices and programs are most effective, for whom, and under what circumstances. Finally, the research is needed to support solid conclusions about how to inspire and train educators (teachers, teaching staff, administrators) to integrate the Anti-bullying WSCA framework into their curricula and for organizing an integrated approach that infuses both promising practices and programs into the daily fabric of classrooms and schools, indispensable for an inclusive education to be fully realized.

SociAl competences and FundamEntal Rights for preventing bullying  (SAFER) is a 36-months Erasmus + KA3 project with a purpose to develop and implement an innovative method for preventing school violence and bullying, aimed at fostering inclusive education and based on the enhancement of the acquisition of social and civic competences and on the knowledge, promotion and ownership of common positive values and fundamental rights, not only at the level of students and schools but also at the level of community.

More information about the project can be found on the project’s website