The purpose of the TC “Ways of facilitation” was to focus on practicing process-facilitation while offering the required feedback for beginning and intermediate facilitators in a safe, yet demanding setting.

These approaches, like everything else in life, depend on context, target audience, setting, and other factors.

In the context of this program, participants examined what facilitation entails and gathered useful data on groups, their behavior, and ways to improve and stimulate collaboration and communication. All of this in a delightful setting outside in the breathtaking landscape of Bulgaria.

The project was held in and around the main lodging in Bansko, a small mountain town surrounded by nature. During these days, the hotel served as both our home and our workplace.

The training’s curriculum was designed to be immersive, with time set out for thought-provoking encounters and motivational moments, as well as periods of reflection. Because we believe that the best way to learn is via experiences, you will have the opportunity to design and manage your own learning process during the program’s exciting and jam-packed days.

This training program was extremely beneficial, wonderful, and eye-opening for me. Sil and Em created a safe environment for the other participants and me to grow and achieve. It allowed me to develop as a person and learn skills that I could apply in both my personal and professional life. It enabled me to establish an exceptional knowledge and informational base, which I intend to maintain. One of the most beneficial aspects of the TC was learning how to cooperate, coexist, grasp, and communicate with a group of people, as well as the importance of being a leader and how to approach that role. I learned that developing your facilitation skills is a prerequisite for leadership.

–  Aleks Nakovikj

The activities and workshops were very enlightening, interesting, adventurous, exploring your own self and motivating to do more. The training course was designed to cover several aspects related to facilitation, leadership, taking responsibility in a group environment, and being able to organize in a short time. The hospitality of the hosts was great.  The trainers were spot on with their judgment and reasonable intervention throughout the course. Overall, I would say, this was an eye-opener for me personally and an opportunity to expand my knowledge when it comes to working in a coherent sorted out team work. If I’d get the chance to anticipate again in such training, I would decide in a heartbeat.

–  Betim Ibra


This project had a big impact on me. I managed to learn new things during the daily activities we had. The facilitators were on point for everything they said to us and very helpful and generous. All us of got to know people from other countries and fastly became friends. Team building, leadership, teamwork were the main things we worked on I am glad that I learned how to be a better leader, team member, listener, speaker etc. Maybe the most important thing for me was gaining a new perspective and getting to know myself better. For sure I would participate in a project like this again.

– Marko Serafimovic

This project has exceeded my expectations in a lot of ways. The activities were amazing, they taught me a lot about team working, how I fit in a team and it has also improved these skills. The project has made me rethink how I behave in a group environment and it has made me change my mindset. I’m a very stubborn person and for me it is not easy to take criticism and change but the way the activities and their debriefing was presented I felt that they made me learn a lot about myself, both the positives and the negatives. Even the theory lessons were different from classic education, they were not dull and it was not a monologue, the facilitators took time (no matter how long) to talk to all of us separately to make sure if we had any questions about the topic presented and to talk about our opinions. I also made a lot of friends with people from many different countries. For me it has been such an incredible experience and I would love to participate in a similar training course in the future.

-Boris Manev